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The MAKITA XOB01 REVIEW and Tested: Sanding Made Easy

Looking for the perfect sander to make your woodworking projects a breeze? Look no further than the MAKITA XOB01. As a woodworker, I understand the importance of a reliable and efficient sander. Not only can it save you time and effort, but it can also help you achieve a professional-looking finish. 

In this blog post, I will share my experience with the Makita XOB01, including its features, pros, and cons. So, let’s dive in and explore why the Makita XOB01 is a top-tier sander for severe woodworkers.

Features Makita XOB01

  • Three Speed Settings
  • Run Time on a Single Charge
  • Large 1/8″ Random Orbit Action: Swirl-free Finish
  • One-touch Electronic Speed Control
  • Ergonomically Designed Body for Operator Comfort
  • Star Protection Computer Controls
  • Increased Versatility with Makita 18V LXT 
  • Tool Weight of 11.44 Pounds

Here are some of the features of Makita XOB01

Three Speed Settings

One of the most impressive features I found while MAKITA XOB01 REVIEW is its three-speed settings. These settings allow you to adjust the orbit speed to match your materials’ unique texture and hardness. At the lowest mode, 7,000 OPM (Orbits Per Minute), this sander is optimized for delicate sanding tasks that require a slow and careful touch. 

In contrast, the highest speed setting of 11,000 OPM is engineered for fast material removal, making it perfect for rough sanding work or stripping away old coats of paint. 

Multiple speed settings are an excellent feature of this sander, giving users greater flexibility and control over their work. This means you can get your sanding done faster without sacrificing accuracy or quality. The three-speed settings also allow you to adjust your sander’s performance to more delicate projects, like sanding down furniture or smoothing curved surfaces.

Run Time on a Single Charge

Another outstanding feature of the Makita XOB01 is its rechargeable battery system. This sander can operate on a single charge for up to 40 minutes (at low speed) and 20 minutes (at high speed). This sander uses a lithium-ion battery, which gives it excellent energy efficiency, reliability, and portability.

A cordless sander provides a convenient tool for the user, eliminating the need to worry about tangled cords or being tethered to an outlet. Additionally, the long battery life of the Makita XOB01 sander means that you don’t have to stop working in the middle of a project to stop and recharge. 

However, it is essential to note that the sander’s run time can vary depending on the amount and type of work you do. Regardless, the sander makita still provides ample time to complete your sanding efficiently and quickly.

Large 1/8″ Random Orbit Action: Swirl-free Finish

The sander Makita is designed with a significant 1/8″ random orbit action. This makes it an ideal tool for sanding as it is engineered for fast material removal and leaves a swirl-free finish. Compared to traditional sanders, this innovative orbit action creates a unique and effective sanding pattern, ensuring the sanding is evenly distributed across the surface.

This feature of the Makita XOB01 sander is precious because it speeds up the sanding process and provides a high-quality finish. Whether you’re working on soft or hardwood, the sander’s significant orbit action can quickly adapt to your specific needs, providing a professional-looking finish optimized for your unique project.

One-touch Electronic Speed Control

Another notable feature of the Makita XOB01 sander is its one-touch electronic speed control switch. This switch allows you to easily set and adjust the speed of the sander to meet the demands of the task at hand. With the simple touch of a button, you can switch between fast, medium, and low-speed settings.

The fast-speed setting is perfect for rougher sanding work, while the medium and low-speed settings are better suited for finer sanding tasks. By providing three different speed settings, the Makita XOB01 sander gives you greater control over the sander’s speed, adding flexibility and versatility to the sanding process.

In addition, the electronic speed control switch helps maintain a consistent speed, even when applying heavy pressure, which ensures that your sanding remains even and free of swirl marks.

Ergonomically Designed Body for Operator Comfort

The Makita XOB01 sander is designed to provide excellent operator comfort and ensure prolonged sanding tasks can be done comfortably. The sander’s ergonomically designed body and grip are designed to fit comfortably in hand, minimizing hand fatigue and strain on the arm, which can occur when using hand-operated equipment.

This sander’s design also includes a rubberized palm grip that provides a comfortable and secure grip while helping reduce hand fatigue. The sander’s body is compact and features a flat top that allows you to easily stand the sander upside down when taking a break from sanding.

The Makita XOB01 sander combines comfort and practicality, which makes it an ideal tool for woodworkers who spend long periods standing. Its ergonomic design balances the sander’s weight, making the hand placement natural and comfortable. As a result, woodworkers can work more comfortably for extended periods, reducing the risk of injury or strain on their hands and arms. 

Star Protection Computer Controls

Makita XOB01 goes the extra mile by incorporating Star Protection Computer Controls into this sander to improve tool performance and extend battery life. Star Protection technology is a state-of-the-art communication system that allows the tool and battery to exchange data. It monitors and records operating conditions in real time, safeguarding the tool against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. 

This feature of the Makita XOB01 sander ensures that battery power is optimized, resulting in extended battery life and less downtime during use. With improved tool performance and battery life, the Makita XOB01 sander increases your work efficiency and, most importantly, will save you money on battery replacements over time.

Increased Versatility with Makita 18V LXT 

The Makita 18v sander is a highly versatile tool powered by multiple sources, including Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries. Suppose you purchase a storm with the star symbol. In that case, it indicates that the battery has Star Protection technology inside, ensuring it is protected from overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. As a result, the sander continues to function optimally, providing improved tool performance and extended battery life.

Switching between different power sources provides greater flexibility and versatility in various work settings or situations. You can use the same battery across a wide range of Makita cordless tools or carry multiple batteries to avoid downtime when working on larger or more extended projects.

Tool Weight of 11.44 Pounds

With a compact and lightweight body design, the Makita XOB01 sander provides an operator with excellent balance and control over the sander. The sander’s weight is distributed evenly, which reduces fatigue and strain on the user’s hands and arms throughout the sanding process. 

Due to its lightweight design, the sander Makita is ideal for workers who need to navigate tight spaces or position themselves in awkward angles or positions while sanding. It allows for better freedom of movement and control over the sander, which is essential for achieving a smooth and even finish

Drawing from Our Experience with the MAKITA XOB01

As indicated by our tests, the MAKITA XOB01 Cordless Random Orbit Sander stands out as a versatile and efficient tool for woodworking and finishing projects. Our team discovered through using this product that its ergonomic design and cordless functionality significantly enhance user comfort and mobility during sanding tasks. After putting it to the test, we found that the XOB01’s variable speed settings allow for precise control, ensuring optimal results on various surfaces.

MAKITA XOB01 REVIEW: 8 Benefits of using this sander


Endurance Test Shows Impressive Battery Life

As mentioned in the review, the Makita XOB01 sander lasted for 43 minutes at high speed with a full 5-ah battery. This is significantly longer than the Ridgid sander, which only lasted 25 minutes. The long battery life means that users can work for more extended periods without having to stop and recharge the battery.

More Stock Removal

The same endurance test showed that the Makita orbital sander could take down more stock than the Ridgid sander. This means users can get their sanding done faster and more efficiently with the Makita sander.

Cordless Convenience

The Makita XOB01 sander is cordless, meaning that users can work in areas without a power outlet or where using a corded sander would be inconvenient. This is especially useful for those who work on boats, cars, or other areas with limited electricity access.

Comparable Performance to Corded Sanders

According to the reviewer, the Makita orbital sander works just as well as their corded sanders, making it an excellent option for those who want the convenience of a cordless sander without compromising on performance.

Replaces Corded Sanders

The reviewer also mentioned that they no longer need to use their corded sanders since getting the Makita sander. This is a testament to the high-quality performance of the Makita sander and its ability to replace corded sanders in many situations.

Works Well for Teak Wood

The reviewer mentioned that they used the makita 18v sander on their trawler boat, which has lots of teak wood. They found that the sander worked as well as the corded version, making it an excellent option for sanding wood.

Easy to Use

The convenience of the Makita XOB01 sander extends beyond just its cordless design. Users have also found it easy to use, with a comfortable grip and easy-to-access controls.

Potential for Expansion in Makita 18-Volt Platform

For those who already have Makita 18-volt tools, the Makita 18v sander is an excellent addition to their collection. It also allows further expansion within the Makita 18-volt platform, allowing users to have a wide range of tools that all use the same battery.

MAKITA XOB01 REVIEW: Some potential drawbacks


Limited Power

While the battery life of the Makita XOB01 sander is impressive, it may not be as powerful as corded sanders. Some users may find it needs more strength for specific sanding tasks or for removing rough materials.


As a high-quality tool with a cordless design, the Makita XOB01 sander is also relatively expensive compared to other models. This may be a turn-off for users who are on a budget or do not require the cordless feature.

Additional Battery Costs

Since the Makita XOB01 runs on a battery, users must purchase additional batteries or chargers if they want to work for prolonged periods or need a backup power source. This can add to the overall cost of the tool.

User Preferences

While the reviewer found the Makita XOB01 to be an excellent replacement for their corded sanders, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some users may prefer the feel or performance of a corded sander or may find that the Makita sander offers different features or capabilities than they do.

Noise Level

Like most power tools, the Makita XOB01 sander can be pretty loud. This may be an issue for users who work in shared spaces, live in close quarters with neighbors, or are sensitive to loud noises.

Battery Replacement and Maintenance

While batteries can be very convenient, they also need replacement and proper maintenance over time to function at total capacity. This can add additional maintenance costs and efforts on the user’s part.

Possible Lack of Compatibility

While Makita tools are known for their compatibility with one another, some users may find that the Makita XOB01 sander is incompatible with the batteries they already own or other chargers or tools.

No Belt Option

As mentioned in the review, the user would have to check if Makita makes a cordless brushless belt sander. The Makita XOB01 sander is strictly an orbital sander and cannot be used as a belt sander. This could be a drawback for users who prioritize having the ability to use both types of sanders for various projects.

MAKITA XOB01 REVIEW: Why choose this sander?

As an expert in power tools, I highly recommend the Makita XOB01 sander to anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable, and convenient sander. With its cordless design, long battery life, and impressive sanding capabilities, this tool is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

One of the key benefits of the Makita XOB01 sander is its impressive battery life. Users can work for extended periods without needing to stop and recharge, allowing them to focus on the task. Additionally, the cordless design makes it easy to work in areas with a power outlet or where a corded sander would be convenient.

Another advantage of the Makita XOB01 sander is its high level of performance. It can remove stock quickly and efficiently, making sanding tasks faster and more enjoyable. And as mentioned in the review, it can handle teak wood exceptionally well, making it an excellent tool for woodworking projects.

The Makita XOB01 sander is also easy to use. With a comfortable grip and easy-to-access controls, users can focus on the task without worrying about accidentally changing settings or causing injury from poor ergonomics.

The Versatility of Makita Sander: Surfaces to Use With

Makita is a widely recognized brand in the power tool industry that offers high-quality sanders for both professional and DIY use. With various models available, finding the correct type of sander for your specific needs can be challenging. However, one thing that all Makita sanders have in common is their versatility. Here are some of the surfaces where Makita sanders can achieve excellent results.

Wood Surfaces

Makita sanders are commonly used for sanding wood surfaces. Whether it’s a rough cut, stained, or painted wood, a Makita sander can make smoothing and refinishing much more manageable. The brand’s random orbital sanders are an excellent choice for wood surfaces because they provide a smooth finish without leaving scratches or swirl marks. Using a Makita sander on wood surfaces is also faster and more efficient than sanding by hand.

Metal Surfaces

Makita sanders can also be used for sanding metal surfaces. Metal surfaces require a more aggressive sanding technique, and Makita belt sanders are the perfect tool for the job. Belt sanders can remove material quickly and efficiently and can be used for sanding and polishing metal workpieces.

Drywall Surfaces

For construction workers, a Makita sander is a reliable tool that makes finishing drywall surfaces more manageable. The device can also sand joint compounds, wall patches, and plaster. The brand’s drywall sander features a telescoping pole that extends from 4 feet to 11 feet, allowing users to reach high ceilings or walls without a ladder.

Automotive Surfaces

Makita sanders are also suitable for automotive surfaces. Whether sanding auto bodies, painting projects, or removing rust from vehicle parts, the Makita palm-gripped sanders are a great choice. The tool’s compact size makes it possible to reach confined spaces while producing excellent finishing on the automotive surface.

Makita sanders are versatile tools for various surfaces and applications. The above are just some surfaces where the brand’s sanders can be used. Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, Makita has a sander that will suit your needs. With Makita Sander, you can save time and achieve high-quality results.

Why I Prefer Makita XOB01 over Other Sanders?


When sanding, having the right tool can make all the difference. As someone who frequently works with wood and other materials, I have tried a variety of sanders over the years. However, the Makita XOB01 stands out as my preferred option. Below are some of the key reasons why I chose this sander over others on the market:

Makita Orbital Sander

The Makita XOB01 is an orbital sander, which means it moves in a circular pattern while vibrating back and forth. This type of motion helps ensure that the sander doesn’t leave any swirl marks on the sanded surface. The sanding pad on the Makita 18v sander is 5 inches in diameter, larger than some other sanders, and allows for more efficient sanding.

Best Cordless Orbital Sander

One of the standout features of the Makita XOB01 is that it is cordless. I can use it anywhere without worrying about being tethered to an outlet or dragging a cord around. With an 18V battery, the sander has plenty of power to do the job, but it is still lightweight and easy to use. The battery also charges quickly.

Makita 18V Sander

While there are other cordless sanders on the market, what sets the Makita XOB01 apart is that it is part of Makita’s 18V lineup. This means that I can use batteries from other Makita tools I already own, saving me money and space in my toolbox. It also ensures that I have a backup battery on hand if I need it.

Overall Quality

Ultimately, what makes the Makita XOB01 my preferred sander is the fact that it is a high-quality tool that is built to last. The sander feels solid in my hand, and the dust collection system is highly effective. I also appreciate the variable speed control, which allows me to adjust the speed based on the type of material I work with.

Overall, the Makita XOB01 is my top choice regarding sanders. Its orbital motion, cordless design, compatibility with other Makita batteries, and overall quality make it a standout tool in this category. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, this sander is worth considering for your next project.


What kind of battery does the Makita XOB01 sander use? 

The Makita XOB01 uses an 18V lithium-ion battery, offering up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge.

How many speed settings does the Makita XOB01 have? 

The Makita XOB01 has three-speed settings (7,000/9,500/11,000 OPM), easily changed with a one-touch electronic control switch.

What is the random orbit action of the Makita XOB01? 

The Makita XOB01 has a significant 1/8″ random orbit action, designed for efficient sanding, fast material removal, and a swirl-free finish.

Can other Makita cordless tool batteries power the Makita XOB01? 

Yes, the Makita XOB01 can be powered by other Makita 18V LXT and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries with the star symbol on the battery indicating Star Protection inside.

Does the Makita XOB01’s battery have any protection features? 

Yes, Makita’s Star Protection Computer Controls allow the tool and battery to exchange data in real-time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating.

Final thoughts

The Makita XOB01 cordless random orbital sander offers impressive features like three-speed settings, large random orbit action, pad brake, and Star Protection computer controls. With excellent ergonomics and up to 40 minutes of run time, it’s a great option for woodworkers seeking increased efficiency and mobility.

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